Marble effect
with the performance of Technical Gres Porcelain

RAK Ceramics presents Tech-Marble, a new range of technical gres porcelain tiles with marble aesthetic in vivid colors and honed silky finish. The soluble color technology enhances the details of the tile and makes it scratch and stain resistant, ideal for any application, especially in high traffic areas.

The Soluble COLORS

RAK Ceramics presents a range of soluble colors that can penetrate several millimeters in the tile body for a more effective polishing process. The soluble colors intervene on the technical porcelain stoneware, resulting in an extraordinary aesthetic while maintaining porcelain stoneware's technical characteristics, such as high resistance to abrasion.

Ventilated facades
Raised floors

The colors for digital decoration are a special and completely soluble cromofora, certified by top leading digital printing companies. They are available in eight (8) colors, based on complexes of metals, common and precious such as Ruthenium (Ru) and Gold (Au), in addition to a wide range of penetrating elements and to a sophisticated system of alteration of the tile body. These elements guarantee the natural look and the beauty of the technical porcelain.


he new honed finish, is the result of an innovative polishing process that gives to the surface a feeling of great naturalness to the touch. A silky smooth surface, with a satin look, that is soft to the touch and pleasant to walk onto.

Raised floors