The design possibilities
are endless

Imagine a tiled space with virtually no grout lines. Imagine limitless possibilities for your sufaces and unparalleled flexibility for any kind of applications. Maximus is available in 3 thicknesses and a wide range of finishes and sizes. Heat resistance, recyclable, light weight, durable and easy to clean. Maximus is the best answer to the most challenging architectural and interior design needs.

Range of applications


The best solution to create astonishing vertical surfaces like kitchen walls, bathroom and all the other walls. Maximus gives to all your rooms a great personality and allows you to freely express your style.

Maximus walls
Maximus floors

Maximus floors

Maximus has created a world where big is beautiful - with visually expanded spaces and fewer design interruptions. The application on the floor is the best way to appreciate its endless possibilities, exhibiting incredible aesthetic appeal and high resistance to stress.

Maximus furniture


The best answer to a big trend. Maximus is ideal for dressing up modern spaces and covering doors, tables, kitchen doors or living room furniture. Choose your favorite decorating style in order to create a coordinated environment. Marble, metal, stone and concrete become part of the interior design without any compromise.

Maximus facade

The technical performance of the gigantic sized Maximus slabs are the perfect solution for the external cladding of buildings. High resistance, light weight,  easy to install and maintain, with a high aesthetic and energy value that enhance the building industry.

Maximus facade

Maximus effects

The elegance
of marble

A wide and varied range of collections inspired by the elegance of marble to offer hundreds of solutions for residential areas, hospitality industry and business places. Revised classy marble and granite patterns displaying elegant veins which remodel walls floors, countertops and furniture, creating sophisticated ambiances. Maximus marble collections are the epitome of luxury and sophistication.


Maximus’ concrete collections make a powerful statement with their sheer simplicity. No fuss, no frills, just pure perfection. Packed full of contemporary style, the concrete effect big slabs are the ideal choice for creating a minimalist look and feel. Applied on furniture or indoor and outdoor cladding, the Maximus solutions are strikingly bold and beautiful, inspired by the simplicity and strength of industrial concrete.


Maximus celebrates the dramatic effects and contrasting colours created during the ageing process of raw metal. With a bold and arresting appearance, the Metal collection is perfect for urban and industrial settings and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


Maximus reinterprets the ancestral charm of stone and transforms it in one of the most favorite material in contemporary architecture. Solid, durable and extremely versatile. Maximus stones can be applied both indoors and out, and ar e designed to interpret both more minimalist tastes as well as the more refined and stylish ones.


Standing at up to 135x305cm in multiple choice of solid colours, Maximus mega slab Uni collection can be used to cover walls, floors, facades, furniture or as a replacement for kitchen surfaces and bathroom vanity units. Available in all the sizes and thicknesses of Maximus range, UNI is a must for architect and interior design projects.


Natural-looking tiles are one of the key trends for indoor and outdoor surface coverings, and wood is one of the most popular choice thanks to its versatility and beauty. The reinterpretation of wood aesthetics in large format porcelain tile creates an opportunity in designing spaces with warmth and coziness, in the grandest way possible. Maximus wood collection brings life to spaces; ideal choice for modern and contemporary interiors.

Innovative solution

light on
light off


Light becomes a design tool in the hands of the designer and through elegant surfaces contributes to enrich special environments, making them magical.