Revolutionizing Sustainability:
Join Our Sanitary Ware Recycling Program for a Cleaner Future!

Sustainability in every sphere of the business, is one of the main elements of RAK Ceramics mission statement. As a company founded on the principles of environmentally friendly manufacturing, we are proud to offer the industry’s first Sanitaryware RECYCLING program.

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Our new recycling process will allow us to give a second life to ceramic material recovered from existing sanitaryware, allowing us to create beautiful new collections with recycled material.

Our innovative recycling process will allow us to recover both installed sanitaryware, removed for renovation, and unused ceramics sanitaryware (wc, bidet, washbasins, shower trays, bathtubs). In order to ensure minimum environmental impact and maximum efficiency, please see below our program guidelines.

Should you have any questions, please contact RAK Ceramics Customer Service at:


  1. WHERE: Sanitaryware Recycling Program is currently only available in the UAE.
  2. WHAT WE ACCEPT: RAK Ceramics accepts its own sanitaryware, whether used or unused, for recycling. Sanitaryware from other manufacturers will only be accepted if it is being replaced with RAK Ceramics. The sanitaryware must be vitreous china or fireclay; no other materials can be accepted (acrylic/resin, stainless steel, plastic. glass, natural stone, etc.. )
  3. CHARGE: There is no charge for the sanitaryware Recycling Program; but the request will be processed only after the purchase of RAK Ceramics equivalent products (SW range) in same or higher quantity (n.pieces) and same typology.
  4. COLLECTION AND DELIVERY: will happen in the same day (only for retail customers), in order to reduce the transportation emissions and gas consumption. Sanitaryware material must be prepared for collection in one place, and must be separated from metal or plastic components. Non fireclay/vitrous china material will not be accepted. We will send appropriate pickup vehicles, however the loading of materials into the carrier will be your responsibility which includes equipment and manpower.
  5. PRIOR WRITTEN APPROVAL: Prior written approval is required before being accepted through the sanitaryware recycling program. Please allow two weeks for approval after RAK Ceramics receives the signed and completed form below.