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5 stars performance
Raised floors

In the ever-evolving realm of design, creativity knows no boundaries.
Meet Joelle Hancerli, a visionary designer whose journey spans continents. 

Join us as we delve into her inspiring story, from Istanbul to Milan, New York to Dubai, where she has honed her craft.

"Design, for me, is a journey of understanding the soul of spaces and the people who inhabit them."

Joelle's origins are as diverse as her designs, with a mix of Turkish and Spanish heritage. Educated in product industrial design in Milan, she collaborated with the renowned Karim Rashid in New York and claimed the "Young and Talented Designer of the Year" award at EDIDA in 2007. Upon relocating to Dubai, a new chapter of her journey began. The pandemic ignited a virtual design trend, propelling her to establish her own design company following an inquiry for a villa styling project. Three rewarding years as a Dubai-based freelance designer have shaped her journey, reflecting her multicultural heritage and exceptional design prowess.

Raised floors
Raised floors
Raised floors

Design Philosophy: Melding Functionality and Aesthetics

"Design should elevate not only the aesthetics but also the functionality of a space. It's about enhancing lives."

In her approach to the Green Community Motor City Project, Joelle focuses on understanding clients' lifestyles. Guided by "sophistication, simplicity, and minimalism," she believes that design should not only elevate aesthetics but also simplify and enhance daily life. With Dubai's dust-laden environment in mind, material choices were made to address this challenge, resulting in designs that stand the test of time and nature. Joelle's design philosophy goes beyond aesthetics; it's about weaving a story. In her Green Community Motor City Project, she effortlessly melded art, antique treasures, and iconic design pieces.

Her fearless combination of design elements was also reflected in the powder room. Dark walls juxtaposed with light RAK Ceramics Line Wood tiles created a striking contrast, transforming the space into a unique haven. In her vision for the brighter bathroom, adorned with lighter walls, Joelle opted for RAK Ceramics Design Concrete in Light Grey to ingeniously counterbalance the aesthetic. This fusion is what sets Joelle's designs apart, infusing them with individuality and uniqueness.

5 stars performance
5 stars performance

Within the bathroom, Joelle's discerning eye led her to select the RAK-Feeling and RAK-Variant washbasins, a choice driven by their contemporary and minimalistic aesthetics. These washbasins not only exude a modern charm but also offer practicality with their low-maintenance, easy-to-clean materials.

When asked why she chose RAK Ceramics products for this project, Joelle says

“ RAK Ceramic products effortlessly blend form and function, enriching my designs with elegance and practicality”.
She also added that what stood out was the prompt and efficient service, which not only met but exceeded expectations in the fast-paced design world. It helped her ensure that the project stayed on track, delivering exceptional service to her clients.

Photos by: Usama Cholavaram.
All rights reserved to Joelle Hancerli.