One like no one.

Functional, elegant, spacious and modular, RAK-Joy Uno is the natural evolution of the successful story of RAK-Joy.
A minimalist design that will enhance the style of your bathroom, by giving you a one-drawer only contemporary solution.
RAK-Joy Uno is the new RAK Ceramics bathroom furniture range, designed to move the style of your bathroom on to a higher level.
Innovative, high-quality and with exceptional details, RAK-Joy Uno is also available in 5 different finishes. Fully compatible with the washbasins, suitable for the existing RAK-Joy range, it can be combined with the new RAK-Joy mirrors and with all the RAK Ceramics countertop solutions.







LAMILAK is the new gloss material that exudes consistent quality and performance. The brilliant high gloss shine gives a striking smooth surface final appearance. To protect the environment, LAMILAK is produced from PET recyclable material.



TECHWOOD is the new wood effect material that gives the tactile impression of real wood. Revel in the touch and feel of its vibrant texture. To protect the environment, TECHWOOD is produced from polypropylene recyclable material.


RAK-Joy Open Storage

RAK-Joy Open Storage is the most beautiful, flexible and simple way to add a modular storage to your bathroom. Available in the dark grey color, it can be easily installed on both sides of your RAK-Joy vanity and it matches with all the RAK-Joy finishes, adding space efficiency as the need arises.

Universal Shelving System

Shelving is not only practical: it can also be fully part of your bathroom design. Contemporary, sophisticated and easy to be installed, RAK-Joy shelving units help you style your bathroom, with a creative and multifunctional furnishing solutions to meet your needs and express your imagination. The unit is equipped with an interlocking system so that you can hook the accessories without screwing them into the structure. The bifacial bookcase is a creative partition that works as furnishing accessory and dividing wall. Find a new solutions to separate your rooms, store your objects and complete your bathroom with style.


Respect for the Environment

The RAK-JOY wooden furniture collection respects the environment and the life of the furniture itself.
All particleboard and MDF used in the construction of this striking furniture collection comes from responsible sources certified, respecting the forests, the people and wildlife who call them home. Furthermore, all external LAMILAK and TECHWOOD surfaces are made from recyclable PET or PP materials. Polyurethane glue has been used to seal all furniture edges, allowing no water ingress. RAK-JOY has been subjected to the Fira Level 5 water ingress tests, where external panels are subjected to 10 water submersion cycles with no degradation to the panels. The furniture also meets EN 14749 and BS 4875-7 structural and performance standards.
Doors and drawers are fitted with lifetime guaranteed Blum hinges and drawer runners – the installers choice to ‘fit and forget’. There is also the option to upgrade RAK-JOY with ambient USB re-chargeable lighting and de-misting mirrors. Internal drawer accessories complete the look.
RAK-JOY, the bathroom furniture choice for style and functionality.



All external panels including doors and drawers are subjected to 10 cycles over 5 days to water ingress tests and pass against no swelling or degradation of the panels.


Wooden products are made of material from responsible sources certified.


Quality Management system certified for facilities, people, training, services and equipment.