Maintenance and Cleaning


Maintenance of ceramic and porcelain tiles on dry surfaces is relatively easy. RAK Ceramic tiles are highly scratch and stain resistant. By regularly sweeping the floor, you can help avoid scratches that small pebbles or sand can create. Make it a habit to always wipe the soles of your shoes on a mat before entering the house.
Thoroughly wipe up any spills using plain warm water. While they are not likely to stain your ceramic tiles, spills may stain the grouting between the tiles and if they are left to sit for too long, may stain the tiles also. Plain water is the ideal cleaner because it leaves no residue if you dry the surface of the tiles thoroughly after cleaning. If you leave it wet, there may be some unsightly mineral residue after the water dries, but this can be easily removed by spot cleaning.
If stains resist cleaning with water alone, you can use a mild acidic solution, such as white vinegar. Use it highly diluted and rinse with plain water and dry. As food stains are acidic in nature, try using a mild alkaline solution. Use common detergents sparingly, rinse with plain water and dry thoroughly.