Basic concrete sanit Grey tiles Modern style Light Commercial Tiles

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Basic concrete sanit

PORCELAIN TILES / Antibacterial

  • Light Commercial Traffic Area
  • Light structure
  • Natural
  • Matt
  • Rectified
  • Domestic Purpose

2020: a new revolution of spaces and ways of living in them begins. A transformation that makes it easy from the design stage, to include new sanitation measures to be able to create living and working spaces in total freedom and safety. The r&d laboratories of of RAK Ceramics are always at the forefront of technology and were the first in the world to provide antibacterial solutions for interior design in 2009, thanks to the development of special certified antibacterial glazes. Today, with the new rak-sanit program, RAK Ceramics offers an even wider range of solutions for floors, walls and sanitaryware, made with glazes that inhibit the growth of bacteria, thus reducing the possibility of contagion and contributing to create a healthier environment. Rak-sanit is the ideal solution for modern and safer schools, public and private offices, restaurants, hotels, laboratories and for all the spaces where hygiene is of primary importance.

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