RAK-Sanit, a safe choice

2020: a new revolution of spaces and ways of living them begins.

A transformation that makes it necessary, from the design stage, to include new sanitation measures to be able to live the living and working spaces in total freedom and safety.

The R&D laboratories of RAK Ceramics, always at the forefront, were the first in the world to provide antibacterial solutions for interior design in 2009, thanks to the development of special certified antibacterial glazes.

Today, with the new RAK-Sanit program, RAK Ceramics offers an even wider range of solutions for sanitaryware, floors and walls, made with glazes that inhibit the growth of bacteria, thus reducing the possibility of contagion and contributing to create a healthier environment.

RAK-Sanit is the ideal solution for modern and safer schools, public and private offices, restaurants, hotels laboratories and for all the spaces where hygiene is of primary importance.


Antibacterial Sanitaryware


  • Bathroom collections with RAK-ProTeK
  • Seat & Covers with RAK-ProTeK
  • Rimless Toilets
  • The Freestanding revolution Touchless Flushing

RAK-Sanit is a complete solution that includes toilet, bidet, washbasins, seat & cover, and rinsing systems. Each solution is capable of reducing bacterial contamination, helping to design safer bathroom environments, both for residential projects and for public areas such as hotels, restaurants, public & private offices, laboratories and schools.

RAK-ProTeK: Antibacterial and hygienic glaze

RAK-Sanit solutions for your bathroom are produced with RAK-ProTeK, the innovative ceramic glaze developed to protect wash basins, toilets and urinals, to make them more hygienic and easier to clean. RAK-ProTeK, which is baked into the ceramic during firing, results to a smoother surface, unlike standard ceramic with irregular surface. This feature allows the participles accumulating on the ceramic to easily slip away making cleaning more efficient and convenient.

An innovative protection against bacteria
The silver ions contained in this revolutionary glaze, kill 99.9% of bacteria in 24 hours and prevent the bacterial growth, in comparison to conventional ceramic glazing. RAK-ProTeK glaze has been tested by Artest laboratory from the Italian Ceramic district in Modena.

Seat and cover with RAK-ProTeK

RAK-Sanit integrates its offer of antibacterial toilets with sanitised seats that make the toilet even safer and more protected. The seat and cover are treated with silver ions that kill 99.9% of bacteria and prevents it from spreading. The range of RAK-Sanit seats and covers fit perfectly with each toilet included in the offer.


The Ultimate Rimless Technology

for your bathroom

RAK Ceramics delivers the ultimate in technology for bathroom suites.

Based on similar design specifications to sanitaryware in hospitals and medical centres, RAK Ceramics Rimless water closets allows you to experience the same high standards of hygiene in your own home.

RAK Ceramics continues to set new standards of hygiene and water efficiency in the sanitaryware industry, with uniquely engineered water flushing systems that effectively remove waste, helping to keep bathrooms fresh and hygienic.

The Freestanding Revolution

Today, freestanding washbasins represent a new and important opportunity capable of combining design and fighting against the spread of bacteria. Going forward, this will be at the centre of a revolution in the approach to hygiene in both public and private places. Elegant in the classic bathroom area and functional if placed in the centre of large work environments or passageways.




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