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Imagine your ideal shower area, where quality and harmony merges with form and functionality, giving you utmost comfort. 
Imagine RAK-Feeling, the new RAK Ceramics shower tray, with elegant and contemporary lines that give your bathroom a unique character and perfect your moments of relaxation.






Versatile installation

RAK-Feeling shower trays can be installed flush to floor, semi-recessed or directly onto the floor. RAK-Feeling products
are ideal for both new buildings and renovations, thanks to the minimum dimensions of 5.8cm required
under the shower tray for the waste.



Design and functionality

RAK-Feeling is only 3cm thin and its surface prohibits the growth of bacteria and fungi to ensure greater safety and hygiene. All the shower trays feature excellent resistance to chemical products. This is confirmed by the strictest chemical resistance tests required by the EN 14527 Standard. They are not affected by exposure to light. This is confirmed by xenon arc lamp tests, which simulate sunlight on shower trays and verify the effects of ageing (EN ISO 4892 Standard).
Our RAKSOLID material meets the highest safety standards, being classified in DIN 51097 Class C (the highest achievable level of slip resistance).
It prevents slipping on surfaces with an inclination angle of more than 24°.
In the event of chips and scratches, shower trays can be restored to their original condition using a special repair kit.