Technical Gres Porcelain tiles

RAK Ceramics has always been at the forefront of Technical Gres Porcelain tiles. Thanks to the updated technology, RAK Ceramics opens up new perspectives in the field of major projects, both for residential and commercial, and reaffirms a brand of absolute value.

Full Body
Porcelain Floor Tiles

This collection is one of the most modern high-performing variety of porcelain tiles with unique characteristics and limitless applications. Natural, structured and polished materials of great aesthetic value to provide architects and interior designers the perfect solution for their contemporary design needs.

Raised floors


The Antislip Barefoot + technology gives porcelain tiles excellent non-slip performance and pleasant feel, with a special roughness imperceptible to the touch. All products equipped with the Antislip Barefoot + technology become anti-slip in wet conditions, that makes these tiles a must have for indoor areas subject to moisture and outdoor applications.