Limitless technology for limitless imagination. RAK-Neofix Flushing systems by RAK Ceramics are the ideal solution for all types of hydro-sanitary systems. Invisible push plates integrate perfectly with any style and design of dual flush systems to reduce water consumption. All systems perfectly integrate with all of RAK Ceramics Wall Hung & BTW WCS and bidets and fit perfectly into any home environment or contract specification. Technology, innovation and water saving features make RAK-Neofix the perfect choice for your bathroom, whatever you have imagined.

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The bathroom is a style choice, but clean lines and harmony of the elements, are the result of a complete system of integrated technological solutions. Hidden fixation systems, designer plates and water-saving flush technology. Make your choice, RAK Ceramics guarantees.


RAK-Neofix not only offers limitless installation possibilities, but a flat designed range of push plates in 3 elegant finishes and 2 different designs. The push plate is the only visible part of the concealed cistern and is built for the water saving dual system flush in volumes 6-3 liters or 4.5-3 liters. Another possibility to move functionality and style into your bathroom.


Available in a wide range of dimensions and suitable for any construction situation
Connecting to the water grid is simple and fast, without the need for tools or connection accessories.
Equipped with top silent fill valve. Easy tool free maintenance at any time through a service opening.

Available in a wide range of dimensions and suitable for any construction situation

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