maximus new travertino لون رمادي tiles عصري style المعيشة


maximus new travertino

بلاط البورسلين / مكسيموس

  • Light Commercial Traffic Area
  • Counter top
  • بلاط البورسلين
  • Rectified
  • ناعم
  • كامل لاباتو
  • لماع عالي
  • Domestic Purpose

Maximus reinterprets the ancestral charm of stone and transforms it in one of the most favorite material in contemporary architecture. Solid, durable and extremely versatile. Maximus stones can be applied both indoors and out, and are designed to interpret both more minimalist tastes as well as the more refined and stylish ones.

اختيار لون واكتشاف الأشكال والتشطيبات