The quintessence of design

Also known as the fifth element or quintessence, ether represents lightness: something so light to overcome the force of gravity. This is where the concept of these ultra slim (only 2,6cm) RAK Ceramics shower trays was born. Made in RAKSOLITE, a lighter composition compared to our durable solid surface RAKSOLID, it is as well composed of a mixture of natural minerals and resins.

13 different

The RAK-Ether shower trays in RAKSOLITE present slate like aesthetical characteristics while granting anti-slip safety. The elegant matt white finish of RAK-Ether and the availability in 13 different sizes, give a distinctive feel to the shower area. The reduced weight of these shower trays (on average 2,5 times lighter than other trays) and the possibility of easy on-site customization (wood tools cutting) makes them even more versatile and easy to handle and install.

5 stars performance