m project stucco Brown and Grey tiles Modern style Living


m project stucco


  • Light Commercial Traffic Area
  • Light structure
  • Natural
  • Matt
  • Rectified
  • Domestic Purpose

m-project is a sophisticated and exclusive concept that comes from the integrated development of materials such as stucco, spatulated resins and woods, coordinated in a single colour palette.Spaces designed with m-project make a bold statement with a strong visual impact, created by the fusion of different textures, formats and warm or cold shades. Floors and walls gradually combine into a single stylistic solution, capturing the imagination of the most demanding and visionary designers. The spatulated resins and woods tell the story of a craftsman’s knowledge, a passion for refinement, allowing the creation of one of a kind spaces with unique character. The different formats lend themselves to any installation geometry, to run in line or in a herringbone pattern, while the surface illuminates the meeting points of light and materials, creating stunning effects that will capture the imagination.

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